The Farmer’s Market

I do Christmas with a vengence. I completely immerse myself 100% into the holidays with nary a crack to let the real world seep in. I have Christmas music playing in every room of our condo, all different stations, all different styles. The Christmas tree is on at all times whenever we are home because a dark Christmas tree is creepy to me. All flat surfaces are covered with décor and everything I do is related to Christmas somehow.


So, when it’s all over, I go through withdrawals. I’m having the symptoms. Something changes in me during that time and I haven’t quite put my finger on it, but regular music annoys me and I’m fresh and ready to make some changes. Which is good, because that’s what the new year is all about, making resolutions, a fresh new start, except I’m ready to do it now. So I am!

My first resolution is to drink 8-10 eight ounces of water every day. I started yesterday. And I’m behind today… thank goodness it’s just a practice run for the real shebang in three days!

Another resolution is to do things that give me a thrill. Like crafting, designing, and blogging. I love it. The only problem is that there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done! I gotta figure out what isn’t making me happy and get rid of it to make room for the new happy!

Yet another resolution is to eat better always. I eat really well, except for when I don’t. Which isn’t very often, but during the holidays, is way more often than not. I feel like my life revolves around being healthful and doing the right thing for our bodies and I need to continue to focus on it.

Today I went to the farmer’s market. I’m not sure about my feelings related to the farmer’s market. I want to love it and I love the idea of it and I love other people’s blog posts about it, especially their pictures, but when I go, there is no magic. I want the best deal, I want it to be organic and I want it to be local (well as local as you can get around here).  Our farmer’s market is SO big. It’s grown leaps and bounds since I used to go so it’s more confusing than ever:

Farmer's Market 2013 015

Do they have a certified organic sign up?

Do they have their prices listed?

Woah, that cheese looks tasty!

Where’d that guy go I used to buy from?

Free sample, yes please!

Why are there strawberries in December?

Hey, there’s a big jug of Kombucha!

Wait, how much were those tomatoes back there?

There are too many people here.

Farmer's Market 2013 016

Those are pretty earrings!

Oh, I need cauliflower that isn’t $5.00 a head like at Whole Foods.

I will NOT be lured into buying a fresh baguette… stay strong, stay strong!

Tomatoes are $3.50/lb. which sounds good, I’ll get them here.

Matching little girl and doll dresses? No. We just had Christmas!

Hydroponic Japanese cucumbers are not organic. Don’t fall into that delightful sounding trap again!

Why are the walkways so narrow?

Ooooooh, fresh soaps and lotions…


Fruit, we need fruit. $7 for a bag of Asian Pears? Geez. $.79/each at Trader Joes x 10= it’s cheaper here. Relax.

Fresh fish! Wait, what?

Tomatoes! Why didn’t I buy those tomatoes back there?

Dang, it’s hot out here in the sun!

Tamales for lunch, that sounds yummy.

Sweet peas! Ohhhh, that’d be nice… wait, why are there sweet peas right now?


See what happens when I go? Too much distraction, too many non-fruit and veggie places to spend my money on, too many people, too hot, and then, is it really cheaper than the grocery store? Maybe I just need to find a smaller one, in a smaller town, where the stuff is actually grown.

I went. I saw. I didn’t exactly conquer, but I did buy some things we needed.

Farmer's Market 2013 017

And I managed not to make eye contact with anyone who wasn’t selling a fresh fruit or veggie. That was super hard! In order to keep up this new year’s resolution, I’m going to have to hunt for a different farmer’s market with a different vibe.

I still have three days to figure out all of my New Year’s Resolutions. The main one is still: FINDING 30 FIVE STAR RECIPES!

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