Oil Pulling, it can’t hurt!

It was all over my newsfeed! Oil pulling this and oil pulling that. What on earth is that? I googled it and was intrigued, so I started. I have the huge thing of coconut oil from Costco so I scooped some into a baby food container and put it in my shower. At first I was a bit put off from the texture of the solid coconut oil, but it soon melted and then felt as though I was simply swishing water. Why do I put it in the shower? Because the recommended 20 minutes is a loooooong time to swish and since I’m not a shower singer, it works out best for me!

If you’re interested in doing oil pulling, it is suggested that you do it first thing before you put anything in your mouth. You can either use coconut oil or sesame oil. It supposedly detoxes your body, but I haven’t noticed anything like that. I just like the fact that it can help my oral health! And if your dentist says it’s ridiculous, think about that for a second… if you have a healthy mouth, they have less business. If they have less business, they have less money for their luxuries. Of COURSE they’re gonna say it’s ridiculous! I’m all for anything natural that could possibly improve my health and if it sounds disgusting to you, all I have to say is this: don’t knock it until you try it! And if you do try it, give it a few tries to see if you can get used to it before you throw in the towel!

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