What is it With Car Chases?

Well, at least the person being chased by 7+ police cars and a helicopter was courteous enough to honk his horn to warn other drivers as he blew through our intersection this morning! That’s life in the big city, I suppose. It happens entirely way too often. Like, there was one last week in the middle of the night. I am a deep sleeper so it only wakes me when there is an incessant stream of sirens. This morning it happened five minutes before my alarm went off so I wasn’t in such a deep sleep, which is why I heard the person honk their horn! Thoughtful, I’m telling you, that person was thoughtful.

I remember after I moved to San Diego I was watching TV and they broke in the newscast with a high speed chase. It happened to be on the freeway I could see from my apartment so I went tearing outside to see it with my own eyes. I was SO excited! The big city life, the energy buzzing, I loved it!! It was awesome! I also loved sitting in rush hour traffic. I still remember the giddy feeling I had being crammed on the freeway with a million other cars, on my way to a substitute teaching job. I came from a mid sized town where these things never happened and now I was an adult, doing adult things, and it rocked! 11 years later, I’m totally and completely over the big city life! I want to live in the middle of nowhere and be able to hear my own heartbeat! And if nothing else, watch TV with the doors opened and the closed captioning off…

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