Camp Blogaway

Is it possible to learn too much? Cause if so, I totally did. I had no idea sitting and listening to people talk could be SO exhausting! Someone I told said they would have fallen asleep during the 9 hours of hearing people speak on Saturday but there was no way that could have been possible! All of the speakers were so full of valuable information I didn’t want to miss a word!! I wrote nine pages of notes in tiny writing so I could fit it all in and wouldn’t forget a thing.

We got to sleep in cabins in the woods in bunk beds. Thankfully there were only three of us, so we all got a bottom bunk! My roomies (@PersianKitchen & @TarynJeffries) were friends from last years camp, but they took me under their wing and showed me the ropes, which was MUCH appreciated! Thanks girls! It was all much needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Some highlights of the weekend were, of course, the swag bags (!!!)


We had huge delicious meals and I ate myself silly at each one. I have no self control when it comes to buffets, I mean none, and although it wasn’t exactly a buffet, there was a ton of food being served and I had to try some of each thing! Image

And the most amazing thing of all? I lost a pound! For real! Of course, I could have worked it all off helping Officer Franklin push my cousin Katherine’s car uphill at 6’000 feet (in my gold glitter shoes):Image

Cute, right?! And soooo not practical for doing such things as:


But I managed to be a bad ass and almost have my heart explode out of my chest! Ha! And of course that was all after this happened: Image

That’s my car on the left being jumped by @mistermartha! I can only assume that as I rolled into Camp Blogaway at 8 PM on Friday night after sitting in traffic for 4 hours (uh huh) I was a bit frazzled and left a dome light on. My husband asked me how I could not have noticed and I told him that his stupid dark tinted windows might have prevented me from seeing it!!

I met a bunch of super great food bloggers from all aspects and levels of food blogging. I met hobby food bloggers all the way to food bloggers who make a decent living. I’m inspired and ready to roll! Now if only I could hire a time manager…

Until next year Camp Blogaway!



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